You're in trouble with the law and you certainly don't like it and really don't understand why
Maybe you're mad, or scared. 
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I represent criminal defendants because I respect our Constitutional rights and understand how the system tries to short-cut them.  Overall, of course, we should trust in the criminal justice system, but only so long as it respects our constitutional rights.
But, what does all of this have to do with you?
  • First, I represent you in criminal procedure and law -- what it is, how to apply it, when, where, and why.


  • Second, I can negotiate "the system."  I'm not an "insider;" instead, I have enough smarts, experience, and insight to help you negotiate the uphill fight against you.


  • Third, I care.  I will communicate with you.  I will tell it to you straight, even if you don't want to hear it and only because information is power.  We'll find a way to deal with your situation.  I will stay out of your way, yet advise you on your options going-forward.
You must remember that your criminal case is yours.  I will advise and represent you, but I can never replace you.  Beware of any lawyer that tries to drive your case without your input. 
Again, it's your case and it's my job to help SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.
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