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Erin R. Flanagan, Esq., Ltd. focuses on criminal and civil litigation: if you're due in court, you need Erin Flanagan.
The Erin Flanagan law firm concentrates on criminal and civil law suits, which require different skill sets applied by a dedicated, experienced legal team that prepares and executes the  best strategy to address the your problems
Criminal cases center on your prosecution by the government.  You're in trouble at the Federal, State, or Municipal level, need to understand your charges, and determine a path to take forward.  In representing you, I apply my familiarity with the law, its process, and people to assert practical experience in the court room and at the negotiation table.  Overall, my goal is to secure the best possible outcome in your case.  You can pay more for lawyers who will do less.  I want to obtain the best outcome possible for you.  I solve problems.
Civil cases involve individuals and organizations seeking to resolve legal disputes that involve contracts, Federal and State statutes, and various administrative agency requirements.  To this area, I bring not only knowledge of the law, but also training as a top M.B.A. and former Wall Street investment banker.  I am unique among lawyers because I am not "afraid" of numbers, the Tax Code, or interested parties' (read: "the boss's") reaction to well-engaged litigation.  As importantly, I know how to represent the individual who finds him- or herself at the short-end of their economic expectations.  In mu civil cases, I seek to obtain your best possible resolution to all disputes before you.  Remember, I solve problems.
Overall, I work for you --
I work harder
I work smarter
I communicate
I am more pleasant
I am cost-effective
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