Erin R. Flanagan, Esq.
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Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 574-4770
You're involved in the criminal or civil legal system for the first, fifth, or fifteenth time in your life. At any rate, either way, and in any event, this is not where you want to be.
For me, it's my job.  My chosen field.  And, I like it.  And, even better . . . I'm good at it.
  • If you have a criminal problem -- call me.  We'll talk through your problem and figure out next steps.  Often, many alternatives exist but your lawyer has to know what they are and how to achieve them.  I do and I can.


  • If you have a civil problem -- call me.  I have a top M.B.A., was a Wall Street investment banker, own my own business, and have a deep and wide network of financial and tax professionals who can help put any business litigation issue into a "bottom-line" context.  Your job is to do your job.  My job is to solve your problem, as efficiently and stress-free as possible.


  • If you don't know if you have a legal problem -- call me.  Initial consultations are free no matter what.


You require an intelligent, experienced, connected attorney who will work tirelessly, vigorously, and assertively to effectively represent you.
You require an attorney who understands the system.
Protecting your rights, achieving your goals, and realizing your opportunities are my greatest concerns.  My clients receive my staff's undivided attention.  We're going to court to fight your case.  Your objectives are my focus.
I understand your issues and can help.  I want to help.
Contact me: Erin R. Flanagan on (216) 574-4770;
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